The AFL's Green Shirt Program is an umpire education and development program that aims to use experienced umpires to mentor new and inexperienced umpires.

Wearing the green umpiring shirt on match day is similar to a learner driver displaying 'L' plates on the vehicle they are driving. Like the 'L' plate that asks other drivers to display greater tolerance to a learning driver, the green shirt sends a clear message to the football public that the umpire is learning and that the players, coaching staff and spectators should be more tolerant with their umpiring.

The message that is trying to be achieved is highlighted perfectly in the programs slogan "Learning Umpires Wear Green, So Please Don't See Red. Respect The Game, Respect The Umpire"

Like an 'L' plate driver, the umpire will not be left alone. The program provides crucial training for the mentors as without appropriate guidance, direction and coaching, we risk losing umpires before they get the chance to properly develop their skills. The developing umpire will receive support and training from an accredited mentor over the course of the season. This includes on-field support in the early stages of their learning and off-field support and feedback on their umpiring progress as the season progresses.

We ask all involved with the RDFL to take some time to acknowledge the green shirt program as we can all make a contribution to its success which will ultimately improve the overall quality of the game. 

To visit the the AFL Community Green Shirt Program page and access the AFL Umpire Mentor Program Manual, CLICK HERE