Girls Of The Riddell Umpires

IMG 0938Meet the girls from the Riddell Umpires. 2014 has seen the Riddell Umpires reach a record number of girls within the umpiring group. This year 16 ladies will take to the field, boundary and goals. Nationally 10-15% of umpires are female and in 2014, 11% of the Riddell Umpires list is made of these young ladies meaning that 2014 is the 1st year that we fall within the national average. Everyone at the Riddell Umpires is proud of each and every girl that takes to the field and we hope that this years increase in numbers leads to more girls taking up umpiring.


Front: Britt Giles (boundary), Adele Reardon (boundary), Madeleine O'Connor (boundary), Jordan Athorn (boundary) and Alannah Lawford (field). Back: Louise Hoey (boundary), Kaylee Eales (boundary, Kiara Taylor (boundary), Brittany Middleton (boundary), Sophie Rindzevicious (goals), Ti-Arne Hickey (boundary), Karlee Farrall (boundary), Kellie Hume (field) and Lita Cooney (goals). Absent: Alexandra Bulic (boundary) and Lisa Host (field)