Junior Grand Final Appointment Photo's


Congratulations to all the Umpires who will be officating on Junior Grand Final Day, Good Luck and Have Fun! 


 Under 11A

Under 11A Woodend 1 Vs Gisborne Rookies

       Under 11B

Under 11B Giants Silver Vs Melton Centrals 1 

 Under 11C

Under 11C Melton South Vs Sunbury 

 Under 13A

Under 13A Gisborne Rookies 1 Vs Sunbury Lions 1

 Under 13B

Under 13B Gisborne Giants Vs Romsey

 Under 13C

Under 13C Melton South Vs Sunbury

Under 15A

Under 15A Sunbury Lions 1 Vs Gisborne Rookies 1 

Under 15B

Under 15B Melton Centrals Vs Macedon

 Undet 15C

Under 15C Sunbury Lions 2 Vs Melton 2

Under 17A

Under 17A Melton 1 Vs Gisborne Rookies 1 

Under 17B

Under 17B Romsey Vs Sunbury Lions

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