Riddell Umpires Honorarium Positions in 2019

The Riddell Umpires would like to Congratulate the following for successfully achieving an honorarium position in 2019.
David Hili - President
Steven Giles - General Manager
Paul O'Connor - Committee
Addam Icely - Committee
Dwayne Connell - Senior Field Coach
Ken Freeman - Senior Observer
Tim Rath - Senior Observer
Troy Jones / Ken Freeman - Fitness Coordinator
Harley Darmanin - Junior Coach
Daryl Port - Junior Assistant Coach
Troy Cusack - First Year Development Coach
Andrew O'Keefe - Boundary Coach
Warren Tingley - Boundary Assistant Coach
Richard Patterson - Goals Coach
Paul O'Connor - Goals Assistant / Goals Observer
Bruce Pizaro - Registrar / Junior Appointments
Gary Bilson - Trainer
Clytie Deering - Treasurer
Bill Connell - Uniform / Property / Facility
Addam Icely - Tribunal
Lolita Cooney - Kitchen Manager
Paul O'Connor/ Addam Icely - Social Managers
Julien Johnson - Media Manager
Lolita Cooney - Catering Supplier
Congratulations and Good Luck in 2019.