Umpires Corner - 2nd Edition

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Umpires Corner. This will be the last offseason edition before the group meets back for official preseason on the 19th of Feb.

While most people are still enjoying their time off, there is still a lot of work being done behind the scenes. The committee and coaches are busy preparing for the start of the season. But it doesn't compare to some of our umpiring groups offseason.


We can't go past Billy Mitchell. One picture of the slug in the wet and facebook has gone wild. Over 650 people have seen this picture. Over 400 more views that any other post on the Riddell Umpires facebook page which must be saying something. Rathy and Jason Mousley are also receiving lots of attention in the "when they had hair series". While on the topic of social networking, @riddellumps on twitter is slowly developing. The group has nearly 50 followers and we even had our tweet about Females In Umpiring retweeted by UmpireAFL and by the one and only Chelsea Roffey. Thanks Chelsea, you rock.

While on the topic of females in umpiring, our group of girls are keeping themselves busy. Alex, Ti-Arne and Louise appear to be having a selfie competition while Britt Giles was cruising in Vietnam with a member of the otherside (a certain Diggers Rest Footballer). While on the topic of Diggers Rest footballers, thanks to Brent Tuckey from Diggers and Dean Helmers from Romsey who participatied in the recent Riddell Umpires photoshoot. Watch this space in the next month when the photos are released.

Many of the guys have also been busy. Read it now, Dash for a saturday grand final this year. This guy is putting in a preseason like no other. Recently he smashed out 18.09km in 1 hour and 42 minutes. Can anyone else match that. I sure as hell can't. While talking about logging km's, VFL superstar Jordan Andrews has now caught up with technology after getting himself a GPS watch. Dude you run a long way, very fast, isn't that enough. The man also seems to be having a love affair with Nutella, but we won't hold that against him, will we. Kyle Fisher has recently obtained his Drivers Licence, so we suggest keeping the streets of Sunbury clear for a few weeks. The man was also booked in for Tattoo in December, we hope the butterfly turned out for you mate.

We also have a few members of our group destined to become famous. We have our own TV personality, with Harley having his face on TV at the Big Bash while Cam Black has joined the Guinness Book Of Records after attending Day 1 of the boxing day test match. He may have ruined his chance at stardom though after he decided to join the Neknominate craze. Poor form Blacky. On the subject of poor form, Paul O'Connor needs to think about where his hands are going. Appearing to grope older ladies outside a toilet is poor form. However making it his profile pic is just hilarious.

When it comes to working over the offseason there doesn't appear to be anyone putting in the hard yards more so than Shayne Lewis. 12 and half hours on Christmas day is a bit extreme. However me may not be working as hard as Andrew O'Keefe. According to facebook, AOK works as a Bouncer at Riddell Umpires, tough gig I must say. However when it comes to work, Tony O'Dwyer takes the cake. Facebook tells us that Maddog worked at Farmville. That would have to make him one of the most annoying people on the planet.

In other news, Darcy Barns may be moonlighting as the Red Wiggle, Bill Connell was disappointed with the Carols by Candlelight (sorry to hear Bill), Jason Mousley has issues with the word "Moist" and Joel Wood seems to be confused as to whether he is an umpire or player. Stick to the umpiring mate.

In serious news, we pass on our condolences to John and Adele Reardon on the passing of their nan. We wish your family all the best in this tough time.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at MacPherson Park on the 19th of Feb at 6:00pm for the start of official training. Remember, if you hear anything interesting in regards to our umpiring group, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  -ORANGE UMP-