Are You Ready To JuMP?

In 2014 there will be a number of rule changes for U/10 football in the RDFL and all other junior competetions. In recent years the AFL has reviewed junior football and in 2014 they introduced a new set of guidelines called Junior Football Match Program or JuMP.


The guidelines have been created because it has been deemed that any person wishing to participate in the game should be able to do so in a manner which is appropriate to his or her skills, needs and aspirations.  For too long young kids have been allowed to play under the same match conditions as senior players – it is simply not right. It is essential that young players are introduced to the game through modified rules and regulations that consider their physical, psychological and emotional needs.  In other words, young players have different  needs to adults.

The overriding objective of the Junior Football – This Is Our Game philosophy is: To provide an environment where young players can play the game and sequentially develop their skills through activities, games, match rules and conditions commensurate with their stage of learning and level of ability.

To see the changes that will be implemented in the RDFL, click here or visit the Junior Field Umpires Tab under Coaching.