Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

To all our Umpires, their families and our supporters.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperus and happy 2014. Looking forward to seeing you on the track in February.

From the Coaches and Committee of the Riddell Umpires

ps If wish to celebrate the new year with your fellow umpires, join us at 6:30pm at MacPherson Park on Wednesday 2/1/14 for a session of offseason training.

650 By 26 For Troy Cusack

When you look at the Games Record Lists for any sport, the people at the top of the lists are generally in the older age bracket within their group which makes sense. The longer you are there, the more games you can play or in our case umpire. This is pretty much the case at the Riddell Umpires with all of our top 10 umpires being over the age of 50. But then comes number 11 on the list. Troy Cusack currently holds that position and he is at the ripe old age of 26.

Troy joined the Riddell Umpires in 2002 and Round 5 2014 sees him umpire his 650th game. Troy started his career as a Boundary Umpire for the senior competition and a field umpire for the junior competition. In recent years, Troy moved over to the field fulltime umpiring seniors while maintaining his committment to the juniors.

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Catching Up With Donna - Riddell Umpires Most Successful Female Umpire

Donna Brown is arguably the most successful female to pull on a whistle at the Riddell Umpires. Donna is a boundary umpire who umpired 75 RDFL games (48 senior)  between 2003 and 2006. She is a keen cricketer who has played state level in both Victoria and Western Australia. She originally decided to take up umpiring as a way to keep fit in the cricket off season and because her brother Andrew and his future wife Kerry were umpiring at the time. It didn't take Donna long to achieve success. She umpired the RDFL Reserves Grand Final in 2004 and achieved ultimate success in 2005 when she umpired the RDFL Senior Grand Final.

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Breaking The Gender Barrier - Females Succeeding In All Levels Of Umpiring


Umpiring Australian Rules Football has been dominated by males in the past however times are changing. Currently 15-20 % of umpires across the country are girls and females in umpiring has been the largest growth area in recent years.

Most people are aware of Goal Umpire Chelsea Roffey. She began her career with AFL Queensland in 1998 before becoming the 1st female to join an AFL umpiring panel back in 2004. In 2012, she became the 1st female to umpire a senior AFL grand final when she officiated the Sydney vs Hawthorn match. When it comes to females umpiring, Chelsea had the following to say "Females have what it takes to umpire football. It's not a matter of should they or shouldn't they, it's just that they can".

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Keeping Up With Kyle

DSC 0718Welcome to the 1st edition of Keeping Up With Kyle. In this piece we will follow the off season of Kyle Fisher as he aims to make it onto the VFL list as a boundary umpire in 2014.

For those of you that don't know Kyle, he has been a boundary umpire at the Riddell Umpires since 2011 umpiring 67 games of which 39 have been senior games. The 3 years that Kyle has spent at the Riddell Umpires has been a large success for him. In his first year he umpired the U/18 grand final and in 2012, only his second year, he achieved the ultimate goal of umpiring his first senior grand final. In 2013 Kyle backed up his senior grand final appearance and also won the coveted Golden Whistle Award - This award is provided by the AFL and is presented as an encouragement award to an umpire who is identified as having the potential to umpire at the highest level.

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