Season Launch 2019

Next Wednesday at training will be the Riddell Umpires Season Launch for 2019! 

On this night there will be information preented about the  upcoming season, and it is a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have in regards to the 2019 Season! 

Season Launch

Trainee Umpire Sleeve

To try and combat the bullying that new umpires get from spectators and players New Umpires will wear this sleeve as a new initiative set up by AFL Victoria.

This sleeve means that the umpire is learning ther skills they need to make them a better umpire and it in fact should increase the respect and understanding from players and spectators as well as fellow Umpires.

Umpire Sleeve Program 

Congratulations Kaleb, Jacob & Tim

Congratulations to Kaleb Laker, Jacob Port and Tim Attard who have successfully made it onto the VFL List in season 2019!

Jacob is looking forward to being in a professional environment where he can improve his skills even further.

Congratulations Boys!  

How to RSVP to a Social Event

This year we have changed the way you RSVP to a Social Event, in season 2019 The Riddell Umpires have gone digital, don't worry though it is a simple process

Follow this Guide to register your interest to any Social Event that requires an RSVP.    

Social Events 2019

All of the Social Events for 2019 have now been finalised and posted in the Social > Upcomoing Social Events. 

Please register your interest using the links beneath each flyer