Umpiring Groups as just like Football Clubs!

chris.jpgFor many supporters, you only see a handful an umpires on the weekend at your game, however behind the scenes there is a huge group of people supporting our club. Thats right, the Riddell Umpires are a club like any other in the RDFL. We have a President, Committee, club rooms, a website with a huge social media following. In fact we are one of the biggest clubs in the league with over 160 members. 

A training night also would look similar to any football club. A few keen umpires turn up early to do some extra laps, while a couple of the ‘older crew’ sit around talking about their game on the weekend. Fitness coach, Billy Mitchell, is setting up witches hats under the supervision of the coaches who all have some ideas of what should happen at training. 

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Riddell Umpires Trivia Night - August 5th


After an extremely successful Last Man Standing event that had approximately 100 people in attendance, we shift our focus to our last social event of the regular season.

This year we are hosting a Trivia night on Saturday August 5th at our major sponsors venue - MAC's Hotel. Entry costs $25 per person and includes a main meal. The event will start at 7PM with the trivia finishing around 10PM.

This is our chance to thank our sponsor for their genenous donation to our club while still earning money for the Riddell Umpires via their club rewards program.

We are asking all umpires to support this event. Please see Chris Stead at training or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP to put your name on the list as we need to confirm initial numbers prior to the event.

We strongly encourage umpires to bring their family and friends to help make this night great.

5 Myths about Umpiring


Umpires don’t prepare for their game: FALSE

Riddell Umpires train each week, which includes running, skill work and coaching sessions. At these coaching sessions we look at different aspects of the game and address issues related to umpiring.   Umpires are appointed to games based on their skill level, just like teams are selected for Saturdays.

If you handball over your head, its automatically a throw: FALSE

This rule went out of the rulebook years ago. As long as it is a legal handball play on is the call. This is not the only rule that no longer exists. Others include:

-       Dropping the Ball

-       A trip by hand is a automatic report and 50m penalty 

-       An advantage call can be brought back if there is no advantage. 

The rulebook has changes every year. We recommend clubs keep up to date with changes. 

We are short of umpires: True

Although we generally have enough umpires in the RDFL, there is a general shortage across the country. The number of teams, particularly junior teams, is well outgrowing the number of new umpires. We can never have enough. More umpires will allow us to run more regular 3 umpire games in Senior Football, enforce training requirements more strictly and be able to deal with the drop off of junior umpires who leave the sport after a couple of years.  

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$1000 Draw

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Last Saturday night a huge numbers gathered at the Diggers Rest Bowling Club to participate in the Riddell Umpires annual $1000 Draw.

Congratulations to the RU trip away (A syndicate ticket that purchase tickets every year to help fund their trip) and Nicole Howard who split the $1000 prize. It is worth noting that Nicole's ticket in the draw was from the raffle to put a ball back in the last 10.

Many thanks to Paul O'Connor, Lita Cooney, Dwayne Connell, Bill Connell, Chris Stead, Ashley Goudie, Kenny Freeman and Belinda for all your assistance to help make the night a success again.

Chris Stead 200 Senior Games!


Last month we sat down with Chris Stead, who officiated in his 200th Senior Game. 

When and why did you start umpiring?
I started umpiring in 2004. I was a basketball referee and I had just failed the fitness tests for the State League competitions due to injury and I was looking for a way to increase my fitness for the next year. My brother had umpired for years and I thought I would join him for a season. I was originally only going to do juniors, but was umpiring U/18's by round 4 and seniors by round 10. By the end of the season, I enjoyed umpiring more so I quit basketball refereeing.

What is the best part of being an umpiring?
The best part of umpiring is the friends you make. Getting to select my panel last week with my best mates in the association was great. Getting paid to keep fit and having the best seat in the house to view the game is pretty awesome to.

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