So Your Playing Days Are Over. What's Next?

You don't need to have played Australian Rules Football to become a good umpire, but it in some circumstances it really can help. People that have played the game can transfer the skills they had as a player when they make the transition to umpiring. They have an ability to read the play, position themselves correctly knowing where the play is going and are able to communicate well with players and coaches as they know exactly how these people are thinking. The AFL has recently experimented with transitioning past players to the AFL ranks. Mark Fraser, Jordan Bannister and Leigh Fisher have all successfully umpired at the top level following playing at AFL level.

When a player decides to retire, they are often lost to the football system. Just because your playing days are over, doesn't mean your involvement in football has to be to. Some players become coaches, administrators or spectators however a number become Umpires. Each and every week, the Riddell Umpires appoints games to umpires that have previously played the game. Each week there is over 2000 senior games of experience on the field from past players. These umpires have played at various levels and have had varied levels of success but they now all share a common interest, umpiring.

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Riddell Umpires Support Women's Cancer

Over the past weekend, Vicky Hili, wife of Riddell Umpires President David Hili, participated in the Weekend To End Women's Cancer.

The Weekend to End Women's Cancers benefiting the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is a 2-day, 60-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Melbourne.

Vicki completed the 30km courses on both saturday and sunday and still had the energy to celebrate at the finish line.

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Are You Ready To JuMP?

In 2014 there will be a number of rule changes for U/10 football in the RDFL and all other junior competetions. In recent years the AFL has reviewed junior football and in 2014 they introduced a new set of guidelines called Junior Football Match Program or JuMP.

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Senior Coach Michael O'Keefe Joins National Umpiring Working Party

The committee at the Riddell Umpires is proud to announce that senior coach Michael O'Keefe has joined one of the AFL National Umpiring Development Plan - Working Party Groups.

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Riddell Umpires In The News

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