Umpiring, So Much More Than Cash And Fitness.

CampCropA group of Umpires were recently asked to fill in a questionaire and one of the answers that was returned would surprise some. When asked why they became an umpire, one umpire said that it would look good on a resume. Their answer wasn’t fitness or pocket money, the usual responses. It was looking at the bigger picture and their lifetime goals.

You may wonder why blowing a whistle on a football field would look good on a resume, but you need to look deeper to understand why. Umpiring provides you with, or helps you to nurture many life skills that prospective employers will look for in their employees.

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Introducing the 2014 Committee and Coaching Panel

The Riddell Umpires are pleased to announced the 2014 Coaching Panel and Committee Of Management. While most of the 2013 panel have returned to their positions, there are a few fresh faces.

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Offseason Training Wednesday 15/1 - CANCELLED

Due to the current heatwave, this wednesday's offseason training session has been CANCELLED. If you know of anyone that was going to attend, please make sure they are aware

The final offseason training session will be held at Boardman Ovals in Sunbury on Wednesday 29/1 at 6: 30 pm. Please join us then.

Davin - The Best In The Country

Davin ReidDavin Reid, a previous member of the Riddell Umpires has a list of umpiring creditials longer than most umpires and with his most recent award, that list just got a little bit longer.

Davin's attention to detail on the football field has led to him being awarded the Field Umpire Of The Year at the recent AFL Victoria Country Awards.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

To all our Umpires, their families and our supporters.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperus and happy 2014. Looking forward to seeing you on the track in February.

From the Coaches and Committee of the Riddell Umpires

ps If wish to celebrate the new year with your fellow umpires, join us at 6:30pm at MacPherson Park on Wednesday 2/1/14 for a session of offseason training.