Social Calendar 2019

Lets Party!
Riddell Umpires are pleased to announce our Official Social Calendar for 2019!

As always Family & Friends are welcome and encouraged to attend.

More details on each event will be available closer to the date

See you soon!


RU Scoial Calender

Umpires Got Talent

Long time friend and fellow Umpire Ollie Matthews tonight presented Lita Cooney one of his paintings.

The painting is of her family featuring sand from Uluru

Great job Ollie!


Ollies Painting

1 Week Until we Start Training

1 Week to Go!
Next Wednesday Training for 2019 Begins!
McPherson Park - Oval 1, at 6pm!

Congratulations to Rowan and Renne Whitman on Newborn

Congratulations to Senior Umpire Rowan and his partner Renee on the safe arrival of their daughter Keira Jade Whitman.

Can’t wait to see her in Green in 2034!

#fatherdaughter #RUonboard



Kiera Jade Whitman

Jarrod Clarke's First Year

Jarrod Clarke began his umpiring journey only last year, and he managed to umpire 4 Grand finals, including the Under 19.5's competition. Anything is possible in your first year!

'I found that umpiring in my first year not only improved my self-confidence, but also communication, which equips people with real life skills in the workforce'

'I would encourage anyone (especially young people) who have a passion for the game to get involved in umpiring'

Jarrod is looking forward to beginning his second year of umpiring and hopes to go above and beyond in 2019!



Jarred Clark