Jarrod Clarke's First Year

Jarrod Clarke began his umpiring journey only last year, and he managed to umpire 4 Grand finals, including the Under 19.5's competition. Anything is possible in your first year!

'I found that umpiring in my first year not only improved my self-confidence, but also communication, which equips people with real life skills in the workforce'

'I would encourage anyone (especially young people) who have a passion for the game to get involved in umpiring'

Jarrod is looking forward to beginning his second year of umpiring and hopes to go above and beyond in 2019!



Jarred Clark

Training Commences in 3 Weeks

3 Weeks until our first training session for 2019! 


February 6th, Machperson Park - Oval 1, at 6pm 

We would love to see as many familiair faces as possible, and if you know someone that might be interested bring them along! 

New Umpires can sign up HERE 

Great Way to get fit and create Life Long Friendships

The winner of the Riddell Umpires 2018 Golden Whistle Brayden Howard believes that the friendships and fitness you gain from umpiring during his 5 years at the Riddell Umpires is the best thing about umpiring.

'It is a great way to get fit and create life long friendship groups'

We encourage anyone who is interested in umpiring to give it go! We have 3 different disciplines in field umpiring, boundary umpiring, and goal umpiring.

















Brayden Howard

Riddell Umpires Honorarium Positions in 2019

The Riddell Umpires would like to Congratulate the following for successfully achieving an honorarium position in 2019.
David Hili - President
Steven Giles - General Manager
Paul O'Connor - Committee
Addam Icely - Committee
Dwayne Connell - Senior Field Coach
Ken Freeman - Senior Observer
Tim Rath - Senior Observer
Troy Jones / Ken Freeman - Fitness Coordinator
Harley Darmanin - Junior Coach
Daryl Port - Junior Assistant Coach
Troy Cusack - First Year Development Coach
Andrew O'Keefe - Boundary Coach
Warren Tingley - Boundary Assistant Coach
Richard Patterson - Goals Coach
Paul O'Connor - Goals Assistant / Goals Observer
Bruce Pizaro - Registrar / Junior Appointments
Gary Bilson - Trainer
Clytie Deering - Treasurer
Bill Connell - Uniform / Property / Facility
Addam Icely - Tribunal
Lolita Cooney - Kitchen Manager
Paul O'Connor/ Addam Icely - Social Managers
Julien Johnson - Media Manager
Lolita Cooney - Catering Supplier
Congratulations and Good Luck in 2019.

Billy Mitchell Appointed Director of Coaching / Field Coach for the BFUA

The Ballarat Football Umpires Association (BFUA) have annouced thier appointment of former Riddell Umpire Billy Mitchell to the role of Director of Coaching / Field Coach.

Billy takes with him to the BFUA a wealth of experience having held positions with Riddell Umpires (RU) incuding Junior Coach, Assistant Senior Coach and Fitness Advisor. Billy has also umpired multiple Senior Grand Finals and represented RU at interstate carnivals and Senior interleague macthes.

We see Billy's appointment as not only a testament to his knowledge of the game, skill, ability and interpersonal skills both on and off the field but also to the coaching, experience and environment at RU that have been the basis of his umpiring journey up to now.

The RU family will miss Billy, having said that we wish him every success in this next step of his personal development and umpiring journey, we have no doubt that the BFUA will benefit greatly from his appointment.

PLease follow the link http://www.bfua.org.au/news  to read the offical BFUA annoucement.