More than 23km in the legs

More than 23km in the legs!

The Riddell Umpires preseason camp in Anglesea was enjoyed by all as we pushed ourselves to our limits and built the camaraderie amongst the group!

On Saturday We ran along a trial 12km long, ran a beep test, rode up and down some steep hills on bikes and completed a short sharp hard running session on the beach.
Sunday morning we ran out any soreness and exercised the legs in an hour session of run throughs.

All the umpires had a great time, and we certainly encourage any umpire to attend next year!

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Hermit and Howard Our 2018 Halftime Auskick Umpires.

Riddell Umpires wishes to congratulate Bailey Hermit and Mitchell Howard on being selected as the 2018 Halftime Auskick Umpires. Bailey and Mitchell will get to run out onto either the MCG or Etihad Stadium and officiate the main halftime game centre stage. Both individuals are second year field umpires this year and have been nominated off a strong first year and junior finals campaign. This is one of the amazing opportunities that umpiring can bring to an individual. Congratulations again Bailey Hermit and Mitchell Howard.



Bailey Hermit Mitchell Howard

2018 Riddell Umpires Calendar

The 2018 Riddell Umpires Calendar can be found through the link below, this outlines every social function as well as every meeting that will occur throughout the year.

1st Round Dinner

Our First Social Function for 2018 is fast approaching, the 1st Round Dinner will be occurring at Macs Hotel on the night of the 7th April at 6:30pm! RSVP to Paul O'Connor at training if you will be attending or not.

1st Round Dinner 2018 Flyer


Attention Parents

Attention Parents! We're now recruiting for season 2018. This is a great opportunity to get your teenagers involved (13+) and earning money.

The Howard brothers (pictured with mum Nicole) are two of our most committed and talented boundary umpires. Your kids can join them and earn tax free money this footy season! To enquire contact us here

"The boys' confidence has grown to a new level since they started umpiring. The environment has allowed them learn a lot of skills whilst having fun! It’s exciting as a parent to see your child developing and working towards their goals. I definitely would recommend other parents to get their teenagers involved".
- Nicole Howard

Howard boys  Mum